Bill Linehan is a life-long resident of South Boston elected to the Boston City Council in May 2007 and re-elected three times.  He has served as the Chairman of the City of Boston Economic and Planning Committee and served as the Chairman of the Redistricting Committee.  For the past twenty years, Bill has been working to improve the quality of life for Boston residents. Prior to his election, Bill Linehan had served as the Director of Operations for the City of Boston's Parks Dept. and after that as the Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer of the City of Boston. The oldest of eight children, Bill has been active in politics since his teenage years and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Massachusetts at Boston. He and his wife Judy have four children and six grandchildren.

For 6 years Bill Linehan has been standing up for District 2, during tough economic times.  District 2 is doing better than most and here is why...

                        Economic Development- Jobs & Investment
                                    -More jobs - Over 2000 new construction jobs
                                    -New growth tax revenues $120 million
                                    -$180 million in Public housing infrastructure in the past four years
                                    -Fewest Foreclosures in the City of Boston
                                    -More investment over $700 Million (2010/2011)
                                    -Better Zoning – First Street Zoning Initiative
                                    -More Affordable Housing in District 2           
                                    -Spearheaded Hearing on Increased Residential Property Taxes

                        Public Safety – Fortified and Expanded
                                    -15 New police officers in District 2
                                    -Dedicated BPD Drug Unit in District 2
                                    -Undercover Police Units to District 2 to Deal with Drug Dealing
                                    -Crime is down throughout District 2
                                    -Worked to build Community Policing partnerships
                                    -Voted for Additional Police Classes
                                    -Introduced Legislation to Bring Back BPD Cadet Program
                                           *Full Support of 13 Member Council
                                    -Supports Legislation to limit hand guns
                                    -Prevented Additional Methadone Clinic from Opening

                        City Services – Preserved and Improved
                                    -Return to Neighborhood Schools
                                    -Tynan Community Center
                                    -Branch Libraries stay open
                                    -Clap School remains open as an Innovation School
                                    -Capital Investment $22 Million FY 2010/2015
                                    -Public Park improvements
                                           *Ringgold, Childe Hasim, Union Park, Buckley Playground
                                    -Expanded Street Cleaning

                        Green Initiatives – Improving our Neighborhood
                                    -Single stream recycling with new wheeled carts
                                    -Advocated for public space recycling
                                    -Berkeley Street Community Gardens preserved with improvements
                                    -Pushed for Energy Efficiencies in All Public buildings
                                    -JosiahQuincySchool living wall/vertical garden
                                    -District 2 Public Housing Units Retrofitted with Energy Efficient
                                     Heating, Water & Light Fixtures

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